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Literary awards:
  • Andrey Beliy Award
  • Maurice Waksmaher and Anatole Leroy-Beaulieu French literary awards
  • "Big Book" award – meeting with laureates
  • Award of the Institute of public projects in the field of social science literature “Public Thought"
  • "Book Art. Traditions and Research" contest
  • "The Best Bookstore in Moscow" contest

Expert council
Evgeny Bunimovich Evgeny Bunimovich
Alexander Gavrilov Alexander Gavrilov
Alexander Ivanov Alexander Ivanov
Mikhail Kotomin Mikhail Kotomin
Boris Kupriyanov Boris Kupriyanov
Olga Morozova Olga Morozova
Pavel Podkosov Pavel Podkosov
Nikolay Okhotin Nikolay Okhotin
Irina Prokhorova Irina Prokhorova